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YOUNGO Adapt for our future consultation workshop

As an active member of YOUNGO; the Youth Constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Greener Impact International was selected to host a youth consultation workshop on the vulnerability of young people to the impact of climate change and to access the level of their engagement in the National adaptation process.

The consultation was held at Jiso Plaza in Tamale and attracted over 30 selected youth from the government, non governmental and community based organizations within the region.

While climatic threats and disasters are devastating for anyone who experiences them, young people are the most vulnerable due to a number of factors. The consultation revealed that for the youth in this region, prolonged droughts coupled with limited economic opportunities has caused many of the youth farmers to migrate illegally to countries such as Libya and parts of Europe in such for non-existent greener pastures. Those who could not afford the cost of such travels have ended up in the southern parts particularly in Accra engaging in menial jobs such as head potting, refuse damp scavenging and even as laborers on other people’s farms. Also, increased dwindling of resources resulting from climatic impacts have led to a number of conflicts resulting in the loss of lives especially among the youth since in most cases they are at the front line.

Level of engagement of youth in adaptation processes was reported to be low. The participants therefore called on the government and other stakeholders to make conscious effort to actively engage young people in the design and implementation of climate change adaptation related projects. There was also a call for increased support for youth initiatives that provides nature based solution to climate change in the region.


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