Green Business Network (GBN)

Green businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment. Being green requires developing an attitude toward sustainability and practices that can be incorporated into our everyday lives.  Being a green business means changing the way a business purchases, develops, produces, and provides products and services so it has a positive impact on the environment. Think of the planet as a warehouse of goods.  When you use the goods, you have to pay for them with money or fair trade.  When you use the environment’s resources, you have to pay the environment back to offset your consumption.

It is in this regard that Greener Impact International has formed the Green Business Network: the first, largest, and most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in Ghana.

The Mission of the Ghana Green Business Network is to link green businesses to the growing marketplace of values-driven consumers. We provide services and connections that benefit both emerging and expanding green businesses.

Membership in the Ghana Green Business Network means being a part of the largest network of consumers and investors dedicated to growing the green economy. We provide the tools, the information, and the consumer base to help you thrive in today’s competitive green marketplace.

Greener Impacts consumer education programs, workshops and publications reach millions of green consumers each year, encouraging them to shift their spending to support socially and environmentally responsible enterprises.

Being Part of the Ghana Green Business Network will offer your business the following opportunities:

  • Join green business leaders to network and learn at Green Business Seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Show your green commitment with the Seal of Approval, the leading authentic trustmark for green businesses.
  • Get listed in the National Green Pages and reach over 2 million consumers each year.
  • Promote your business through Greener Impacts International e-newsletters, website and learn about topics critical to green business success through our webinars.
  • Get free passes to all Green Festivals nationwide and exhibit your products and services to100, 000 green consumers.
  • Advertise in Green Ghana publications.
  • Reach new customers with a deal through
  • Connect with other business owners through our Mentoring Program.
  • Have access to money-saving benefits. In this case, you have discount on all products and services from some businesses within the network. Through this, members save as much as their annual dues.
  • Through the network battering system, you will be able to use what your business has to purchase what it needs without spending cash.


Membership in the Green Business Network is open to companies that are:

  • Using business as a tool for social change;
  • “Values-Driven,” not simply profit-driven;
  • Socially and Environmentally responsible in the way they source, manufacture, and market their products, and run their offices and factories; and
  • Committed to and employing extraordinary and innovative practices that benefit workers, communities, customers, and the environment.
  • Committed to the assessment of the social and environmental practices of the business which leads to the certification of the business with a seal of approval.
  • Committed to monthly dues of Gh¢ 20.

Join Ghana Green Business Network

To join the Green Business Network, follow the link below to download the registration form and submit the filled form to . After registration, Greener Impact International will contact you and confirm your registration.

For more information Contact the Program Co-coordinator on: 0244967340 / 0244182515.

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