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A Greener Impact Club (GIC) is the junior wing of Greener Impact International that provides a platform to empower students to become environmental stewards within their communities. Because the planet is our collective home, it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it. The choices that we make every day will have an effect on our surroundings, therefore it is important to be conscious, caring, and respectful. By participating in a GIC, you will develop the skills you need to do your part in saving the planet.

Benefits for GIC members:

  • Enhanced leadership potential
  • Increased sense of responsibility towards the environment
  • Networking and peer learning opportunities
  • Practical experiences for improving the local environment
  • Expanded knowledge on environmental issues

General support for GICs:

To ensure success, GII will support the clubs by:

  • Providing educational resources
  • Providing ideas and guidance for projects/activities
  • Assisting in fundraising
  • Organizing environmental trips
  • Providing further engagement in national and international environmental networks

What does a Greener Impact Club do?

The GIC is a space for learning and action. Each month, students will receive knowledge of environmental focus areas (i.e. climate change & climate justice, forestry & biodiversity, energy, etc.) and become equipped with the skills to carry out projects and activities to work towards tackling these issues. These projects and activities are up to the interest of the students.

Some ideas are:

  • Tree nursery establishment
  • Tree planting
  • Community clean-ups
  • Environmental trips
  • Training on green crafts

If you are a teacher interested in establishing a GIC in your school, contact the GII team for further support!  info@greenerimpact.org or +233 (0) 244 967 340 & +233 (0) 5022 38487