Mission / Vission


Our mission is to inspire Africans to rise to the challenge of Climate crisis to create a new sense of urgency in ensuring environmental sustainability and food security.


Our vision is to eliminate extreme poverty and hunger on the African continent by promoting environmental sustainability and ensuring food security.


1.    We provide climate change education to the children and youth in schools through workshops, seminars and conferences.
2.    We strengthen domestic and Industrial effort to reduce the emission of green house gases by switching to the use of clean energy.
3.    We advocate for the formulation and implementation of policies that are geared towards environmental sustainability and food security.
4.    We build the capacity of small scale farmers to adopt new methods of farming that are resilient to climate change and that can also maximize their food production.
5.    We promote agribusiness among the youth by encouraging them and also giving them the technical support so that they can take agriculture as a viable carrier option.

6.    We promote sustainable forest management by planting more trees and also advocating for the participation of the indigenous people in the design and implementation of forest management policies that have direct and indirect implication on their communities.