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GII is non-governmental, non-profit making organisation in special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC and with observer status with the UNFCCC working with youth and local communities in Ghana to address climate change and biodiversity loss whiles promoting sustainable development.

OUR Impact

GII programs and activities are designed to empower every member of the society to take climate actions and to build resilience of human and ecological systems against the threats of climate change. Our impact areas include advocacy, capacity building, and education and awareness creation. We also implement projects such as reforestation and ecological restoration as well as promote access to clean energy to remote communities


Whether you contribute financially or as an advocate for good, you make a real difference. Contact us to explore ways we can work together to build a sustainable world for the future generation.

Programmes and actions are designed to build resilient societies and the environment they live in.

We have designed impact areas to guide us in our advocating and project implementation. Our community-based impact areas have changed how communities approach the environment.

We adopt a two-pronged bottom-up and top-down approach. We engage the grassroots with targeted projects while working with the policymakers to commit and implement programmes that are impact driven and generates socio-economic benefits to targeted communities

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Kassim gawusu-toure


Greener Impact International (GII) is a Ghanaian based youth-led NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2013. GII also has observer status with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2012.

Our mission remains strong and purposeful as we continue to be consistent with our approach of providing training and capacity building to stakeholders, networking and building alliances and engaging youth and local communities in efforts to address climate change, biodiversity loss and to promote equitable social development.

Our Board of Directors, Executive Team and volunteers are young professionals who are strongly united with the passion and commitment to the protection of the planet and making the world a better place for the future generation. They have been wonderful with their tenacity and resourcefulness.

Our steady growth and widening reach have been remarkable and gratifying and I wish to thank our generous donors and sponsors for the unflinching support over the past years. We have an exciting array of activities and programs planned for the coming years and we look forward to your continuous support whiles we are open to new partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders.



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