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Greener Impact International Petitions Ministry of Science and Environment to Help Reduce Flooding in Accra

DSCI0454Greener Impact International on the 6th December, 2010 presented a petition to the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST) to help reduce flooding in Ghana. This demand was necessary because of the rampant flooding experienced in recent years especially in the capital city leading lost of lives and properties worth millions of US dollars. This Petition was received on behalf of the Minister by the Director….. and it reads:

“As we the Youth of Ghana join the rest of the world to mark the Global Day of Action against Climate Change, we would like to urge you through this petition to take urgent measures to control the flood situation in Ghana, particularly in the Nation’s capital, Accra. The Global Climate Change is really causing a stir by increasing risk of flooding all over the world and Ghana has not been left out. Many residences and major streets that have never been flooded in the history of Ghana experienced major floods this year. The worst to hit Ghana was on Friday June 19th claiming several lives and destroying properties worth Millions of U.S. dollars. Close observation has revealed that it is always the major cities in the country that get flooded with the slightest rainfall.

We, the undersigned, call upon the minister to take urgent and concrete steps to prevent such flood situations in the future. These steps can include but not limited to:

1. Investing in the construction of well drainage systems in the cities.
2. Building of flood walls around settlements and roads in the cities.
3. Introduction of strict regulations to prevent people from raising settlements on flood plains and other low-lying areas. Settlements that have already been raised in these areas should be removed immediately.

We would truly appreciate if your office takes these issues in consideration and implement appropriate policies to control flooding in Ghana.”

Yours Faithfully

Greener Impact International.


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