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Greener Impact International Participates in Bonn Climate Change Conference

The Forty-Fourth session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI 44) and the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA 44) as well as the first session of the Ad-Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA 1) took place from 16 to 26 May 2016, in Bonn, Germany. This conference, popularly known as the Bonn Climate Change Conference, was well attended by governments, financial institutions, and civil society organizations.

Submissions from Kassim Gawusu-Toure

Greener Impact International was well represented in this conference with the participation of the Executive Director, Mr. Kassim Gawusu-Toure, who actively participated in all YOUNGO activities and had speaking roles in many of the events. Mr. Kassim represented the Global South youth in a press conference to highlight key issues contributing to the under-representation of youth from the Global South in the UNFCCC processes. In the same capacity, he joined a team of young people in a meeting with the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, Ms. Christiana Figures, to discuss ways to improve the participation of young people in the UNFCCC processes. At the meeting, Mr. Kassim mentioned that funding has always been a key challenge for many young people. He said, “apart from funding the visa application requirements for many embassies are too rigid to be met by many youth-led organisations from the Global South.” 

Ms Christiana Figures, in her short message, hailed the young people at the meeting for joining the fight against climate change: “you are like a light on top of a mountain and you should shine and pull your peers along.”


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