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Greener Impact Club Executive Board Established at the New Life School

On Friday, February 24th, members of Greener Impact International returned to New Life school for the second meeting of the newly established Greener Impact Club (GIC). The initial meeting with the school was about introducing the students to the concept of “environmental stewardship” and all that they will be doing as a member of the club. At this second meeting, election was held to establish the student executive board that would would the club for a 1 year term.

At first, the students were shy about standing in front of the class displaying their interest to be leaders, but after much talk about the importance of the roles and the support that GII would provide, many students came to the front to run for the top five positions: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and organizer.

The candidates who were running for positions were made to give a small speech about why they were interested in running for the positions. Answers ranged from wanting to one to day be a president themselves to having the desire to lead students in conservation of Ghana’s natural resources. Overall, the students demonstrated a high level of commitment to learning more and teaching others.

Once the positions had been voted on, the Executive Director of GII welcomed the new executive board with Jennifer Okine as the president, Elizabeth as the vice-president, Desmond O Dzuvor as the secretary, Agnes Oppong as the treasurer, and Comfort Asong as the organizer.

After the students became excited about moving forward with these new positions, Ms. Jenna Farineau, an intern at Greener Impact International, took the students through the thematic areas involved in the curriculum of the GICs. Throughout the term, the topics will cover: the Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Forestry, Community Cleanliness and Waste Management, Energy, and Water. Ms. Farineau further explained that, once these topics have been introduced, the club will come up with activities that put their knowledge into practical use.


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