The Team

 Kassim Gawusu – Co-founder and Executive Director

Mr. Kassim Gawusu is an environmentalist, a climate change activist and a youth advocate with extensive experience in organizing and facilitating youth managed projects that are geared towards the promotion of Environmental Sustainability, clean energy development and ensuring food security in Africa. Mr. Kassim holds a Bachelors degeree in Zoology (Animal Science and conservation) from the University of Ghana. Besides his academic qualification he has also participated in many capacity building training programs including the International training program on forest certification organized by SSC forestry in Sweden and Peru which was sponsored by the Swedish International development Agency (SIDA). Mr. Kassim’s career ambition is to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to tackle various natural resources and environmental management problems that will ensure high economic/social benefits and promote sustainable development.

Kassim Hussein – Co-founder and Project Director

Mr. Kassim Hussein is a young engineer with honours in Bsc. Agricultural Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-Ghana. His specialization includes but not limited to: Agriculture meteorology and climatology, soil water engineering, renewable energy systems and management, crop storage and and storage structures and advanced farm power and machinery. Besides his specialization he has great project management skills and has been working as a project director of GII. With his great entrepreneurship skills he has been working to promote agro business among the youth in Ghana and this is driven by his passion to create a world of young people who will be ready to work professionally in the field of agriculture to reduce youth unemployment and promote food security. He has also been providing consultancy on voluntary basis to local farmers in agric mechanization, women participation in aqua culture and in other areas of agricultural impacts to maximize food production in Ghana and on the continent as a whole.

Financial secretary- greener impact international

Ms Lily, is a communication and a financial management expert from the African University College of Communication (AUCC) – Ghana.  With this background, Ms Lily has been charged with the responsibility of managing the finances of the organization and preparing the annual financial statement which is subjected to auditing. She is also responsible for communicating the activities and programs of the organization to the wider public through the electronic, print and social media. The traditional roles of African women which includes Staying  home to care for children as well as the sick or elderly family members makes them more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and it is therefore Ms Lily’s passion to empower  women and girls to build their adaptive capacity.

Patrick Kwaku Seglah – Research and partnership officer

Mr.Patrick Kwaku Seglah is an environmental activist, an HIV/AIDS counsellor and an Entrepreneur. With this background Mr. Seglah has many books in his credit that empowers the African youth to take their destiny into their hands by engaging themselves in ventures that will lead to wealth creation and poverty alleviation on the continent .As a research officer, Mr. Seglah has actively been involved in research into the effects and economic impacts of climate change on Africans. He has from these researches recommended projects and facilitated strategic partnership with other organizations to promote climate change education and also to help communities mitigate and adapt to its effects.