Greener Impact International herein referred to as GII is a Ghanaian based Youth-led non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization that aims at eliminating extreme poverty and hunger through environmental sustainability, food security and promotion of clean energy.  At Greener Impact International, we believe that environmental protection is the responsibility of all and we have therefore been innovatively been designing and implementing projects and activities that strategically engage the participation of both the old and the young in safeguarding the environment for the present and future generation.

Greener Impact International is made up of a staff of young professionals with extensive experience in the field of climate change, sustainable development, and agrobusiness. The quest and passion to make a difference in the world and also to create opportunities for the youth has always been the hallmark of the GII staff. GII therefore has a number of volunteers who help in the execution of its projects. These volunteers who are mostly graduates and students from Senior High Schools and universities are taken through a capacity building training after which they serve as the ambassadors of the organization. GII ambassadors are well represented ensuring that there is gender balance.

Greener Impact International also has an advisory board made up of senior professionals in the field of environmental protection, forest conservation, food production and financial management. The advisory board provides technical support and establishes a framework for monitoring and periodic evaluation of performance and financial accountability of the organization.